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  • Vanessa Fingland

Signs of Low Self Esteem

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Self Esteem is how you view yourself. If you have low self esteem, you view yourself in a negative way and don’t feel confident in yourself or value yourself.

Here are some signs you may be struggling with low self esteem:

- you often feel inferior around others

- you don’t feel like you belong

- you don’t feel valued or worthy

- you don’t believe in yourself

- you talk negatively about yourself

- you compare yourself to others

- you feel hopeless

- you feel guilty alot

- you don’t feel “good enough”

- you struggle with self care and asking for help/support

- you have problems communicating, asserting yourself and setting boundaries

- you tend to people please

If you relate to some of these signs of low self esteem, I highly recommend reaching out to a therapist who specializes in low self esteem. In the meantime, you can journal your thoughts and feelings, recite positive affirmations, practice self compassion, do “inner child work”, meditate, cut off/distance yourself from toxic people, make a list of your strengths and read them every day, and lastly focus on a good self care routine. For self care ideas feel free to check out my other blog post on that topic.

You can sign up for a free 15 minute phone consultation on my home page under “contact us“ or call 780-236-3313.

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