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How to Meditate

Clients often tell me they struggle with meditation. If this is you, you are definitely not alone! I always recommend guided meditations for this reason. It is easier because you are focusing on one area of the body at a time, and gives you something to think about vs. thinking nothing at all which is difficult for most of us! You can easily find these guided meditations on You Tube. I also recommend to start out small, do a 1 minute meditation at first and then work your way up to 5 minutes or longer. Meditation will help you decrease stress and anxiety and also really helps with awareness of your thoughts which is important when you are in therapy so you can then change your thought patterns to more positive ones.

Another meditation I enjoy personally which is very easy to do is a visualization meditation. You can picture a white healing light, a golden light, or even cleansing water flowing through your whole body through the top of your head, then flowing down through your legs and out of your feet and into the floor. This is also a very grounding meditation also great for anxiety. This can be done in 1 minute, when you wake up every morning, a great way to start your day!

I hope you try these out and find them a little easier when it comes to trying meditation for the first time. There are many apps out there as well, such as the Calm App, Headspace and the Mindshift App that all help with mindfulness. In the meantime, if you need more support I am available for free 15 minute consultations at 780-236-3313 or you can sign up on my contact me page. TGC!

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