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If you are questioning that you are experiencing Narcissistic Abuse here are some of the signs:

- intense fear or a feeling of high anxiety or hypervigilance; walking on eggshells.  You also feel a surge of adrenaline after talking to this person.

- panic attacks when setting boundaries with this person or going no contact

- feeling emotionally numb or dissociating

- losing your sense of self,  this is caused by revolving around the needs of the narcissistic person and putting their needs first over yours until you don't even know what your needs are anymore

- you may socially isolate yourself which contributes to depression 

- being "gaslit".  Gaslighting is when the narcissistic person makes you question your reality.  You may even start to gaslight yourself.

- feeling guilty or guilt tripped frequently by the narcissist.  This is often their weapon of choice for manipulation tactics.

- low self esteem.  All of the above erodes your self esteem over time until there is nothing left.  It often leads to an empty feeling or a feeling of being a shell of your former self.

If some of these signs resonate please get in touch to book a session with me today.  Whether you are the family scapegoat and you are looking to set boundaries or go no contact, or you are wanting to heal from a past relationship with a narcissist reach out today. We can start the journey of self love, healing, and get you back to feeling whole and confident about yourself again!

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