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How to release your feelings quicker

A lot of times I hear from clients that they feel stuck in their emotions. They just want to get them to “go away” but they tend to

linger. Here are a few quick ways you can process your emotions:

- Talk to a friend Or someone else you can trust, therapist etc.

- If you can’t talk to anyone about your feelings, journalling is another great way to release them. You can start with “I feel _____”. And even carry on by writing “I don’t know why I feel _____?” And just continue on like you are having a conversation with yourself. “Maybe it’s because ______ happened?” You can be totally honest with yourself no filter, no one else is going to read it, and you can even rip it up after! This is especially great for releasing anger.

- If you are alone you can say aloud to yourself “I feel ______”. This also helps to release the emotion by identifying it first Then acknowledging it. Like the saying goes... feel it to heal it!

-If you have a hard time identifying what emotion you are feeling I highly recommend googling a “feelings wheel or lists of feelings. This will help you figure out which emotion it is that is the strongest and then you can release it from there.

I hope these quick tips help you! If you need further guidance and support feel free to Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation on my home page.

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