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  • Vanessa Fingland

10 Affirmations to help boost Confidence

Do you tend to say negative things about yourself? Or do you sometimes catch yourself in negative thought patterns? If so, this can wreak havoc on your self esteem, increase anxiety and depression. Here are 10 affirmations you can recite to yourself daily to boost your confidence:

1) "I love you _____ (say your name)".

2) "I love and accept myself".

3) "I am safe".

3) "I am smart".

4) "All is well".

5) "I am creative".

6) "I am amazing".

7) "I am confident".

8) "I am good at _____(say one of your strengths, hobbies, etc.)".

9) "I am strong".

10) "I am beautiful".

You can reframe any negative thought and turn it into a positive affirmation. For example, if you catch yourself calling yourself stupid when you make a mistake, simply argue with that thought and ask yourself is this really true?

Then recite the affirmation, "I am smart". Like anything, this takes quite a bit of repetition to start seeing the results. But it is possible! If you need more support, feel free to reach out for a free 15 minute phone consultation today by filling out the contact me form on my home page or by calling 780-236-3313.

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